Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe Legs cuffs


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This product must be connected to a Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe machine.

The Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe is standard equipped with so-called legs cuffs (leg covers). If several people want to use the same recovery product, there is a chance that the desired leg cover size does not match between them. However, the correct size of the leg cover ensures that the massage is effective, so it is recommended to enrich the recovery product with an extra pair of leg covers. Measure the legs and select the correct size Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe Legs Cuffs in the webshop for an ultimate experience in the Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe.

The leg cuffs (leg covers) inflate and the compressed air massages the legs from bottom to top. The pressure is easy to adjust, in eight positions. The eight air chambers (segments) fill with air one by one. This creates a pleasant pressure, comparable to kneading and ironing during a massage. This massage method ensures that waste can be removed quickly.

Recovery LAB is used by top athletes, coaches, trainers and physiotherapists. Recovery LAB is designed for recovery and rehabilitation and helps recover faster between workouts and after performance.

Technical specifications
Length L: 86 cm
Circumference (diameter) XL: 70 cm
Length XL: 100 cm
Circumference (diameter) XXL: 75 cm

Dimensions Recovery LAB 8 Deluxe: 300 * 237 * 126 mm
Pressure intensity: 30 ~ 240mmHg
Channels: eight chambers (to eight air spaces)
Input voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Energy consumption: 65W
Treatment time: adjustable from 1 ~ 90 minutes
Intensity / Skip: the eight chambers can be switched on and / or off independently of each other, making it possible to exclude the treatment of specific muscles or body parts, for example in case of injuries

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